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Maximum Profit System

Our Maximum Profit System™ (MPS) is designed to help you significantly increase the yield you receive from your corn and soybean seed to maximize profits on your farm. The MPS affords you the same result as farming more land without the extra investment.

The Maximum Profit System (MPS) is one of the most important drivers of farm profitability.  When you produce maximum yields, you have more bushels to protect, more bushels to market, and more bushels that to add profit to your bottom line. That’s how important top yields are.  Maximum yield is the quickest way to lower cost per bushel and increase profitability.

Today the number of acres you farm is no longer the most important measure of success.   Instead, true success in farming is measured by the rate at which yields can be increased year in and year out on the current acres being farmed.  MPS can grow your business internally rather than externally.

High-yield Strategies

Through the MPS™, AgVenture’s high-yield strategies for corn and soybeans are designed to boost production and help you see bigger numbers at harvest time.

300-Bushel Corn High-Yield Strategy

Within every bag of seed corn is the genetic potential to produce 600 bushels of grain or more per acre. AgVenture® Pinnacle™ believes that attaining at least half of those potential bushels is a very achievable goal, and we know the farming methods you need to make it happen. We’ll be there every step of the way to reach this goal. 

150-Bushel Soybean High-Yield Strategy

Every bag of soybean seed has genetic potential to produce 300 bushels of grain or more per acre. AgVenture® Pinnacle™ believes achieving this goal is very attainable. The farming methods you'll learn through participating in the MPS will help you impact the production and profit of your farm. 

Cropping Plans

Farming is one of the only professions in the world where you start a brand new business every year. Each year brings new opportunities, challenges, crop rotations and most importantly a new business plan. When we work with top producers we make sure everything is on track to achieving your five-year goals. Planning early gives both of us time to develop the best plan possible. The better the plan, the more spectacular harvest will be each fall. 

The cornerstone to the entire Maximum Profit System is an AgVenture Pinnacle cropping plan. This is the business plan or essentially, the road map, for reaching your production goals. It is put together 9-12 months before it is executed. It lays out a step-by-step plan for your farming operation and includes the exact variety that will be placed on each field along with population and fertility recommendations.  A solid cropping plan will also lay out the timeline for when next year’s inputs need to be locked in and purchased.  With today’s volatility, don’t be stuck without a plan in place.  After all, each year brings new opportunities, challenges and variables from Mother Nature. Partner with us to ensure that you have a plan mapped out for maximum success.

As an MPS Member, you can:

  • Realize how much control you actually have over yield
  • Realize how vital a comprehensive cropping plan is and why you should have it completed 9-12 months before planting season
  • Understand that technology is not just a method to make farming easier, but a way to help you produce more yield
  • Understand when technology needs to be used and when it doesn’t
  • Understand the top five factors to a top crop: soil conditions at planting time, planting depth, seed quality, right variety in the right field, and post-planting management