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Who We Are

AgVenture® Pinnacle™ is a first-in-class farm input brand launched by Pinnacle™ Agriculture Distribution, Inc.

We are a premier provider of AgVenture® top quality seed, as well as unmatched fertilizer and crop protection chemical products.  We couple these product offerings with professional, season-long support that helps customers increase yields, lower cost per bushel, and improve profitability.

In addition to a successful crop protection and fertilizer history, Pinnacle is backed by more than six decades of successful seed testing, production, sales, and management.  Likewise, AgVenture is a long-standing, nationally recognized seed company with a localized focus.  We are now aligned as AgVenture Pinnacle, combining knowledge, talent, and expertise to ensure that your farm reaches maximum profits and that you have the products and tools to make it happen.

AgVenture Pinnacle’s focus is on your farm and getting the most production and profit out of every acre planted. We don't believe in selling you a bag of seed, a load of fertilizer, or a case of chemical and then waiting until next season to contact you again. We stick around. We provide you with the tools you need to get the most out of your crop, and we're relentlessly dedicated to making sure your farm is achieving maximum profit. We wouldn't have it any other way.

AgVenture Pinnacle takes a dedicated approach through committed relationships with our farmers to help you achieve higher yield goals and sustained, long-term profitability.  What works for the farm down the road may not work for you. That’s why we help you choose the appropriate crop input products for each acre to maximize your profits. Our AgVenture® Yield Specialists and agronomists work with you before planting and beyond harvest to ensure that you achieve the most return on your investment. 

As our partner, you will have access to elite genetics, the latest technology, and the highest performing seed lines from AgVenture, not to mention the finest quality fertilizer and crop protection chemical products and adjuvants.  And like you, we are farmers, so we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty and working hard to help you exceed your goals.